Ascend FlexaTrac-DME

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Ascend FlexaTrac-DME

June 18, 2019

FlexaTrac-DME (dimethyl or dibasic esters) is a solvent produced by reacting methanol with adipic, glutaric, and succinic acid streams, then separated by fractionation. It is produced by Ascend Performance Materials. It is a clear, colorless, low-odor liquid that works for many applications.


Because of its low volatile organic compound (VOC) content and because of its high solvency power and biodegradability FlexaTrac-DME is a superior product. It is often used in paint and coatings and in solvents, strippers, and cleaners. It is also often used in grouting, printing inks, foundry resins, and quinacridone pigments.


Molecular Weight: 159 (DME-100), 163 (DME-200), 172 (DME-300)

Freezing Point (degrees Celsius): -40 (DME-100), -42.4 (DME-200), 2.8 (DME-300)

Flash Point (degrees Celsius): 100 (DME-100), 108 (DME-200), 113 (DME-300)

Surface Tension (dynes/cm): 35.3 (DME-100), 35 (DME-200), 32.5 (DME-300)

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