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July 02, 2019

Manufactured by Lambiotte & Cie – Butylal is a stable, non Flammable and non Toxic ALTERNATIVE FOR PERCHLOROETHYLENE AND D-LIMONENE.

The solvent power of Butylal is greater than D-limonene. It has a pleasant fruity aroma, making it an ideal choice for cleaning systems.

Butylal is a proven replacement for D-Limonene in cleaning products and personal care. Butylal is a C9 acetal with a high flash point and is NSF approved.

Butylal has a favorable price position compared to D-limonene.especially since D-limonene constantly  fluctuates in price and availability is often uncertain.


Butylal a “Green” solvent for adhesivise, industrial coatings, degreasing, chemical synthesys and agro chemicals.

See the Spec Sheet: ButylalTDS-Lambiotte&Cie

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