DOW Polyurethanes – Four new enhanced product offerings now available for consumer comfort, infrastructure, coatings and adhesive markets

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DOW Polyurethanes – Four new enhanced product offerings now available for consumer comfort, infrastructure, coatings and adhesive markets

June 25, 2015

Four new enhanced product offerings now available for consumer comfort, infrastructure, coatings and adhesive markets

MIDLAND, MI: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dow Polyurethanes, a business of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), today announced the expansion of their methylene diphenyl diisocyante (MDI) product family. As highly, versatile chemistry, the expanded MDI offering provides customers the option of these products as components or in fully formulated systems for opportunities in a wide range of markets. The new products include VORAMER™ MN 2314 Prepolymer, PAPI™ 23 High Airflow Isocyanate, VORASTAR™ 7000 Spray Elastomer System, and ISONATE™ 128 modified MDI.

“These new MDI products are core to our commitment to addressing societal challenges in markets with the power of material science and innovation,” said Chris Chrisafides, commercial vice president, Dow Polyurethanes. “We have strengthened our offering and that shows commitment to our customers and the markets they serve. Our comprehensive portfolio of performance products and tailor-made solutions – from polyether polyols, propylene oxide and propylene glycol to quality isocyanates, including MDI – combined with industry leading experts provide the support and quality materials that customers need to grow.”

The new products serve a diverse mix of markets – from industrial and infrastructure to consumer comfort:

VORAMER MN 2314 Prepolymer is a highly-processable, cost-effective polyurethane solution for formulating concrete adhesives and sealants. Providing desirable processing and reactivity for use in moisture-cure systems because of its low viscosity, VORAMER MN Prepolymer eliminates extra work and time associated with stripping old coatings and provides distinct advantages when compared to incumbent products, including performance in standing water, resistance to dirt pick up and strong adhesion and paintability.

PAPI 23 High Airflow Isocyanate is a superior performing MDI for use in high-end viscoelastic foams for the bedding industry, helping customers provide consumers with quality bedding to achieve a cool sleep effect. PAPI™ 23 High Airflow Isocyanate has high o,p’ content providing excellent processing, and enhanced foam physical properties. Inherent to the polymer’s molecular design, PAPI 23 enables good airflow in and out of the foam cells to help consumers achieve a better night’s rest.

VORASTAR 7000 polyurethane spray elastomer system is a novel product designed for use in surface protection of porous concrete containment structures and steel exposed to advanced chemical attack. A high performance, two-component polyurea hybrid coating material, infrastructure owners using VORASTAR 7000 system can extend the life of steel tanks, pipeline and chemical holding tanks thus enabling lower total cost of ownership. The low viscosity of VORASTAR 7000 facilitates processing and allows applicators to achieve a smooth high gloss finish and fast return to service, as well as a good balance of strength and elongation, abrasion, and wear and tear resistance due to its elastomeric properties. The system performs very well in low temperature environments and maintains its flexibility even in temperatures down to negative 50 degrees Celsius.

ISONATE 128 is a modified MDI offering superior handling and storage stability. ISONATE 128 MDI was designed to balance needs for ease of processing without sacrificing excellent mechanical properties in end use applications, like elastomers. Also, the new ISONATE 128 enables less energy consumption required for storage, providing customers the flexibility to manufacture products through a longer period of the year without additional insulation during storage.