Are you looking for a vegetable derived amphoteric surfactant?

Callahan Chemical Company NJ

Are you looking for a vegetable derived amphoteric surfactant?

December 01, 2016

Callahan Chemical was recently named the exclusive East Coast distributor for Elé Corporation.

One of the products we can now offer our customers as a result of this partnership is  PEL-AMPH™ ALP, (INCI: Arginine Lauraminopropionate) a vegetable-derived, amino acid based amphoteric surfactant useful in the formulation of mild foaming products.

Combining the soothing effect of arginine with the low irritation potential of an amphoteric surfactant, PEL-AMPH™ ALP is an exceptionally mild surfactant for personal care products.

PEL-AMPH™ ALP produces moderate levels of foam, is an excellent wetting agent, has a high renewable carbon content, and is readily biodegradable.

Functionality Categories

SurfactantsCleansing Agents

SurfactantsEmulsifying Agents

SurfactantsFoam Boosters

Solubilizing Agents

Chemical Class Categories

Amino Acids

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