Household, Industrial & Institutional Products

Cleaning Chemicals


Household, Industrial & Institutional Products

Callahan Chemical supplies a wide variety of specialty and commodity materials to the HI&I industry including: surfactants, solvents, viscosity modifiers, additives, silicones, preservatives, alcohols, and green materials. We have ingredients and expertise in: cleaners, automotive, laundry, floor care, home fragrance, EPA registered sanitizers and more. Packaging from pails and bags to drums and totes to bulk deliveries are all available.

Trade Names

Dow: Dowanol, Tergitols, Tritons, Ecosurfs, Dowfax, Dowicides, Dowicil, Versene, Bioban

Stepan: Bio-soft, Stepanate, Stepanol, Steol, Nacconol, Ninate, Steposol, Neobee, Wecobee, Ninol, Accosoft, Ammonyx, Amphosol, BTC Quats, Toximul, Stepanquat

  • Anionic, Amphoteric, Nonionic, Cationic
    Sulfates & Sulfonates
    Soap, Laundry & Detergent Concentrates
    Sulfonic Acid(DDBSA) Family Of Products
    Amides & Betaines
    Sodium Xylene Sulfonate
    Phosphate Esters
    Fabric Softeners
    Amine Oxides
    Alcohol Ethoxylates
  • Quaternaries & Disinfectant Registrations
    Biocides & Preservatives
    Isopropyl Alcohol 99%
    Chelating Agents
  • Propylene & Ethylene Glycols
    Propylene and Ethylene Glycol Based Glycol Ethers
    N Methyl Pyrrolidone
    Propylene Carbonate
    Chlorinated Solvents
    Specialty Denatured Alcohols
  • Methylcellulose
    Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
    Silicone Emulsions & Defoamers
    Citric Acid & Sodium Citrate
  • Cellulosics
    Green Solvents