Stepan Launches NINOL® CAA

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Stepan Launches NINOL® CAA

October 16, 2015

Maximize Performance…Minimize Components
with NINOL® CAA, a novel, naturally-derived aesthetics enhancer and fragrance solubilizer. NINOL® CAA enables the solubilization of fragrances and dissolves various organic materials at room temperature due to a large Hansen Solubility sphere, while still demonstrating excellent viscosity and foaming performance.

At reduced use levels, this DEA-free, multifunctional nonionic surfactant provides superior viscosity building performance and comparable foam stabilization to traditional amides and betaines.

Utilizing NINOL® CAA as a fragrance solubilizer, viscosity builder and foam stabilizer can reduce complexity and the number of components in the finished formulation.

NINOL® CAA is the green solution with “free of” claims that meets performance and aesthetics expectations.