steposol citri-met


January 25, 2016

STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET is a revolutionary fully formulated cleaning concentrate that is water dilutable, and designed for use in the Household, Institutional, and Industrial Cleaning (HI&I) market. The active ingredients in STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET include a combination of STEPOSOL® MET- 10U, a Nobel-prize winning Metathesis chemistry, and naturally-derived citrus terpenes and an emulsifier package.

The value of STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET is that it is fully formulated and can be diluted to various use levels. This means that the formulation work is already complete. Other benefits to using a blend include reduced raw material inventory (multiple SKU vs. one SKU) and reduced handling concerns. D-limonene is a flammable solvent, however by incorporating it into STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET, the safety and handling profile is improved. In addition, the use of STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET also provides a light citrus odor to a finished formulation. It also affords the formulator the ability to create a wide range of cleaning products across multiple application areas.

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